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Step 1:
Viral Facebook Video Ad

It all starts here. We make you a custom Facebook video ad promoting an offer of your choice that will run as an ad targeting customers near your business. Press the play button!


Step 2:
Offer Sign Up Page

After clicking on the ad, customers submit their name, email, and phone number to claim the offer. This step is a vital one – from now on you will have the customer’s contact details stored. This will allow you to keep in touch with them – you can at last turn a prospect into a returning customer!

Step 3:
Automated Responding

After a customer signs up, the next step is to have them book their appointment. After submitting their contact info we automatically text the client to schedule their appointment. This is where the real action takes place! The best part? We will automate 90% of the whole process!


The more you spend, the more you’ll make! Use the calculator below to uncover how much REVENUE you could be bringing in month after month!

This is the ONLY Spa Marketing that works . . .


Our marketing campaigns generate MORE profit than any other strategy.

Want Proof ?

My Spa Rocket Customer Success!

Payton from 801 Beauty & Spa in Utah
76 NEW customers in 20 days!

Jennifer from Gold Coast Exquisite Beauty
Ranked #1 in her area over all her competitors!

Meet The My Spa Rocket Team!

We’re fiercely committed to one thing: YOUR success. Learn more about our team and how we EXPLODE our clients’ bottom lines.


2 Comma Club ClickFunnels Award
Zero to $3 Million in 16 months

We won a 2 Comma Club Award for making over a million dollars with a funnel (in 53 days!), and since then we’ve generated over 3 million dollars in 16 months!

High Volume Ad Spend

We have spent over $1,500,000 PROFITABLY on Facebook ads!

We only work with spas whose bottom line we know we can EXPLODE. 

When you partner with us, you’re teaming up with THE Facebook advertising EXPERTS.


Nope! Unlike other agencies who try and lock you in on minimum monthly or yearly contracts, we have no contracts. Our marketing is done a monthly basis – cancel anytime.

We don’t need to lock you in because we know you’ll hire us again for the next month. And the next, and the next. Because this is the only marketing for spas that works…period.

Results. We don’t offer 20 different marketing services…we only offer one that’s actually going to put money into your pocket. That’s what real marketing is. Paying someone to post photos on your Instagram profile isn’t.

Since our marketing service actually works, you’ll acquire more than enough customers that our services won’t end up costing you anything.

However if you are looking for the exact price, schedule a call with our team.

The reality is your ads DID work – they just didn’t work how YOU wanted them to.

You paid Facebook to place an ad and that’s what they did. They placed the ad and people saw your ad, which means it worked!

But YOU probably wanted to get new customers. And that’s why your ad didn’t work. It was built to be seen – not to bring in customers.

We don’t just make Facebook ads. We put together ALL the pieces of the puzzle to create profitable campaigns. That’s how we’ve grown our business and that’s how we’ll help you your business too.

We have no long term contracts and don’t lock you into anything. We work on a month-to-month basis because we know you’ll want to do this again next month. Our goal is very simple; to bring you a positive return on your investment.

Our guarantee is bold: We promise you’ll get back more money than you put in. We are a direct-response marketing company, and if we can’t provide you a return on your investment, then we are not offering a service worth paying for. That is why we guarantee you’ll make more money than what you put in – we are 110% confident we can bring you new customers. We have done this over and over for many other spas, and have nailed down the process of acquiring clients through digital ads.

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